Friday, March 9, 2012

Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup!

As usual, I did not plan our meal for tonight.  I plan to meal plan - and never quite get it done.  So at 6pm, when most moms have food on the table (or are at least cooking it) my hubby and oldest daughter "M" (age 12) were saying 'What's for supper??'  Honestly, I had not thought about it.  Supper was the last thing on my mind after a day of running and doing.  I literally had not held my 3yo all day.  That is a very terrible thing in my book.  The last thing I wanted to do was get busy cooking.  I wanted to hold my son and spend a few minutes playing with him!  I ended up in the kitchen - and spending time with my girls!  Yep!  M decided we should have pancakes (with strawberries, blueberry syrup and whipped topping), eggs, sausage and bacon - AND she was going to help cook!  As shock trickled from my hair to my toes, I agreed to the endeavor.  No sooner had I recovered, but my 8 yo daughter "A" demanded to help also!  So, I helped my girls cook supper while I held my baby and watched my 3yo zoom through the kitchen with his cars and dinosaurs.  It was great!  An unexpected happy bonding time with my girls.  A momma needs those times.  :o)

Do your children help you in the kitchen?  Would you be 'shocked' if your older child offered to help cook? 

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