Thursday, February 2, 2012

Update - My Goals to Focus on for the Next 12 Weeks

This is an update to my post here.
** I've copied and pasted my 4 goals.  In red lettering I am telling it like it is - or how it ain't. **
Here are my 4 goals for the next 12 weeks:
1.)  I will post to my blog at least once each week.  (resolution 6)   It has been 22 days since I set this goal.  Twenty-two days is 3 weeks and a day, so I should have posted 3 times to meet my goal so far.  This is my 5th post in the 22 days, so I'm doing pretty good on this one!
2.)  I will join at least 2 blog hops.  (resolution 6I joined one blog hop - Super Stalker Sunday, the weekend of January 22.  I plan to join that hop again.  I picked up a few followers and a piece of great advice. 
3.)  I will learn how to make a fleece diaper cover using a pair of Carter's fleece pajamas - and actually make it.  (resolution 4This is where I begin telling it how it ain't!  This goal ain't happening!  So far this goal is a big fail.  I have not spent a single second on this project.  I want to, but wanting and doing are two different animals!
4.)  I will help my daughter get 5 more reviews posted to her new blog, Mariah's Bookshelf.  (resolution 5) My daughter has posted NOTHING.  I have gently prodded and encouraged my daughter to post another review.  I'm not sure what happened to her excitement over her blog.  Maybe she will post something soon...??

The way I see it, the 12 weeks will be over around the end of March, give or take.  Whew!  Lucky, for me I still have time to get some things done!

Are you working on any specific goals or resolutions?    Are you making progress towards reaching them?