Saturday, August 6, 2011

Posh Pumpkins Diaper and Turtle Bag Giveaway!

Another Fluff Fest giveaway from Happily Domestic is the Posh Pumpkins Diaper and Turtle Bag Giveaway.  The diapers are cute and bright solid colors with contrasting snaps.  The Turtle Bags are wet bags with a super cute name.  I LOVE that they are called Turtle Bags!  The prints for the Turtle Bags are very cute and make for a hard choice come decision time.  Head over to Happily Domestic to try to win!  The giveaway ends 8/19.

GoGreen Champ Diaper Giveaway!

As part of her Fluff Fest festivities, Happily Domestic is having a GoGreen giveaway!  The winner of the giveaway will receive TWO Champ 2.0's!!  How awesome is that?  If I win I will definitely choose the black diaper with the multi-colored snaps - so pretty!  Pretty and economically priced; if I don't win I might just buy one.  Head over to Happily Domestic and try to win some cute fluff for your cute baby!
The giveaway ends on 8/14.