Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seriously Fun Books!

Some seriously fun books are up for grabs over at the Misplaced Jersey Girl blog.  Wreck This Journal is a book that you destroy!  Lots of kids would love to have permission to destroy their book - and have lots of fun doing it!  The other books up for grabs are equally as fun.  How to Be An Explorer of the World combines art and science in a unique way that expands children's view of the world around them.  This is Not a Book  encourages creative thinking regarding what exactly a book is and how can a book be used.  All books have suggested activities to really spark children's imaginations and get their creative juices flowing. 
This giveaway will have 2 winners - with each winner receiving Wreck This Journal and one of the other books.  This giveaway ends on 6/24 at 11 pm Eastern - so hurry for your chance to win!
Here is the link to the giveaway: .

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Thanks, Mail Carrier" is having an eyeglasses giveaway!

Thanks, Mail Carrier is having an eyeglasses giveaway from
The winner of this giveaway can choose sunglasses - with a prescription or not.
I would LOVE to win this giveaway.  I have very light sensitive eyes, but have not been able to buy prescription sunglasses. has very stylish frames and several lens tint choices.  Choosing just the right pair is made easier because exact frame measurements are given on the site PLUS you can print out an exact size pair so you can get a better idea of what they will really look like.
This giveaway ends 6/20/11 at 11:59 pm, central time.
Here is the link:
Good luck!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kissaluvs Pocket Trainer Giveaway

Happenings of the Harper Household is hosting a Kissaluvs Pocket Trainer Giveaway.  3 blessed participants will each receive a pocket trainer courtesy of Kissaluvs!  The trainers are perfect for little tykes learning to use the loo!  They have side snaps for easy removal - very handy in case of an accident.  They have light absorbency to catch those little trickles that sometimes happen on the way to the potty.  AND, they have a pocket perfect for stuffing with more absorbency in the event of a nap, a car ride, or if you want to use it as a pocket diaper!  The available colors are blue, gold, brown (chocolate) and white...with dinosaur or bicycle interior.
Here is the link:  The giveaway ends on 6/15 - so you'd best hurry!

Jolimini Giveaway!

There is some serious cute fluffiness up for grabs over at the Harper Household blog!  Jolimini's Etsy shop is full of beautiful diapers, many of them embroidered!  The winner of this giveaway gets to choose any of the in stock diapers and will also receive an insert!  I really need to win this one, but I'll let you enter too.  LOL  Here is the link: 
The giveaway ends on 6/20 at 11:59 EASTERN time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kates Feathers Giveaway!

Here is a very 'NOW' giveaway from an Etsy crafter! Kates Feathers have beautiful dyed feather extensions in three lengths - short, medium and long. Included with each feather kit are 2 beads and a piece of fishing line for threading your hair into the bead. The colored are pretty and fashionable. The 4th of July colors are very festive and perfect for celebrating our nation's birthday!

Enter this giveaway on the blog of Texas Type A Mom at this link:

The giveaway ends on 6/23.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Candy Wrapper and KAM Snap giveaway!!!

Oooooh!  I really hope I win this one!
Candy Wrapper has some of the CUTEST fabric choices!  You can mix and match your favorite pattern and favorite PUL color to create your dipe then add snaps in your favorite color!  To make it easy on you, the company even lists suggested PUL colors with each of their patterned fabric choices! 
The winner of this giveaway will receive a custom pocket diaper featuring KAM snaps in their choice of outer fabrics and snap colors, a set of absorbent bamboo fleece contoured inserts, AND  a $10 KAMsnaps gift certificate!!
View Candy Wrapper here:
Enter the giveaway here:
Good luck! 

Bum Covered Diapers Giveaway at Beautifully Bella Faith!

Bum Covered Diapers and Beautifully Bella Faith are giving away a custom fitted diaper OR a $10 store credit ~ if you win, you get to choose which prize you want!  Bum Covered Diapers has lots of cute options for there custom fitted dipes.  Check them out, choose your fabric and let your personality (or that of your child) shine through with the color/pattern you choose. 
The giveaway ends Tuesday, June 7, so hurry on over for your chance to win!
Here is the link: .
Whatcha' waitin' for?!  Go!

What germs?

My only son is my 3rd child.  He is 2 1/2 yo.  He is putting a new spin on the meaning of the word 'germs'. 
This past Tuesday I met my mom halfway (halfway between her house and mine, our meeting spot for exchanging the kids).  The location is a gas station...with a restroom.  My 7yo came out of the one person at a time loo and left the door open.  My son, who knows how to potty but REFUSES, made a bee line for the door, ran in put his hands on the seat and then promptly rubbed his eyes and stuck his finger in his mouth.  My mom laughed and said 'Now I know why you call yourself Zookeeper!'  HaHa, very funny mom - I hope he doesn't get deathly ill while he is at your house.
This past Thursday we met again, but in a different location because she had not given them lunch yet.  The place - Burger King.  My son, who was refusing to sit down, (and to keep the peace he was getting away with it), dropped his cookie on the floor.  My mom says, "And that was the last cookie; they don't have any more."  Hmmmm....  I let him eat it.  I figure if he didn't get sick over the potty germs, a nasty cookie wasn't going to hurt him either.  Gross?  Yes.  Deathly?  No.  Happy boy with a cookie, who isn't going to throw a tantrum in the middle of Burger King?  Yes.